Oct 13

Bring a camera and they become hams

Why is it that when you get a camera most everyone becomes a ham? Even the animals get into it.

Sep 24

Rumor still loves the ball

Sep 24

Rumor plays with a giant ball

He was all excited until… well watch the video. He loves playing with these.

Jan 08

Star Citizen

Connie_RSI_300 When I first heard about Star Citizen, I thought “this might be cool…” I signed up for my golden ticket and attended the launch announcement. Chris Roberts has a unique plan of initial funding, crowd fund the game and skip the typical production/publication companies. Chris set out with a goal of $2M to produce the game in its simplest form, he added stretch goals for up to $6M. What he got was over $6.2M during that initial funding push (now pledges are over $7.2M). Needless to say that everyone was surprised by the results.

The group over at Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (Chris Roberts new venture) has been growing and creating ever since. Much of the content that has currently been released is of high quality, and it shows that the effort being put forth is only going to get better. Background fiction (lore) has been posted, with weekly updates (although a holiday hiatus seems to have gone longer than expected). Wingmans Hanger which is a live stream is growing in popularity, and they are taking requests for content on the forums which includes questions that you would like answered.

While I like browsing and posting on the forums, already there are members that seem to be over zealous in their requests. You know the type, the ones who insist that they are the only ones who know how the game should be built and that only their ideas are the best. While they are not the majority, they certainly are the most vocal of the 100K plus members. I can only ignore so much stupidity in that respect. Chris Roberts has produced many games (some on his own) and has been able to capture our attention (still) with his ideas, so please let him produce that game that he has in his mind. I am not saying that he isn’t open to ideas from others (he welcomes the input), but don’t insist that your idea is best. You can always just go away and not support the project, but don’t have a fit and post about it. End rant.

When they announced the subscription for more information, aka Jump Point, I signed up looking forward to hearing more about the development of the game. I have been reading up on CryEngine3 that is being used to develop the game, and since CIG are modifying the engine, there are rumors that CryEngine4 will include some of these modifications. There is already talk about which other Sci-Fi franchises we would like to see using the Star Citizen engine as a base. I was really hoping for Firefly or Farscape, but we shall see if it is even possible.

I would like to think that this game will be better than I anticipate, and it is hard not to get excited. Chris Roberts will spend the next two years putting together a great game, and he has shown investors that people are willing to ‘risk’ their personal funds on this project. I am just glad that I am along for the ride. There are quite a few who have created ‘fan sites’ for Star Citizen already, but given the limited knowledge we have of the universe of the game I think they should have waited a bit. Time will tell.

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