Makerbot… fun for all ages

We have been enjoying the Thing-o-Matic (a Makerbot), printing new things and experimenting with settings for good prints. While I was poking around the web I found a site that has a Profile Maker that helps you adjust your settings in Skeinforge. So, I am giving it a try but since I am at work and printing remotely I will not know how the new settings turn out until I get home. Never the less, it will be interesting to see how they improve (or not) the print quality.

This is all a prelude to moving to the Skeinforge44 code which is supposed to fix several bugs and have some good improvements. I will have to mess around with it before doing some ‘serious’ printing. I have found that printing a calibration cube is fine, but I like using a block that resembles those ones that click together (while not naming names). Not only does this model have the straight sides and corners, but also small bridges and round tubes (and nubs).

I have to admit that my son loves the printer, but is easily distracted (what 10 y.o. isn’t). So we are behind on having him print his own designs. We are working on it though.

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