Shop windows – reducing the heat

I have a shop where I work on projects that need to remain relatively clean, or when I want to stay out of the heat during the summer (think 110F plus). It houses many of my tools and machines as well as my workstation (computer). I wanted to make sure that I had at least a few windows without sacrificing wall space, so I opted for 3 windows above the doors. They let in a lot of light which is nice, but also a lot of heat. The rest of the shop is insulated and an AC unit is in the back wall. The shop stays about 20 degrees cooler/warmer than the outside with the insulation. During the winter, the sunlight through the windows provides enough heat for daytime work without a heater, nighttime requires a heater to keep the shop above freezing since some of the machines are water cooled. The summer though is a different matter, the windows let in too much heat. The sunlight runs right across the side of my head in the morning, annoying to be sure and hot.

shop-window-coversMy cure? Acrylic inserts. I took some 3mm acrylic that I had and cut it on the laser cutter to a size the would fit in the window frame, but be able to be removed. I left the protective blue film on the acrylic after cutting, although I am thinking that window tint might be more effective, for now though this is working well.