Motorola HX1

I have had a Motorola HX1 for almost a month and have to say that Motorola got this on right. I have had other blue-tooth headsets (even from Motorola) that were ok but not great. I really like this unit.

While not everything is perfect, the sound quality and battery life is excellent. If you have ever tried to talk on a blue-tooth headset in high winds (say 50-60 mph) it is not an easy task. The HX1 however has stealth mode that effectively cancels out ambient noise. I have used this unit in high winds, and at first the person could hear the wind blowing by (and they complained about it). So I switched on the stealth mode and they asked if I had gone inside since the wind noise had stopped. In reality I was still outside in the wind.

While this is not really a review, these are my observations.


There are few movies that have made me speechless. You know when the closing credits are over, you say “Yes it was good, but <insert negative comment here>.” this was one movie that caused me to only be able to say “WOW!” when the credits finished rolling.

First, I have to say that you must see this movie in IMAX 3D! My son saw it in just regular 3D and he thought it was ok, but not WOW. I have seen many a CG movie, and there is always that quality to them that screams CG. While this is not bad, it keeps you from being fully immersed in the film.

They have out done themselves with this movie! The CG was so good that you are able to suspend belief that you are watching just a movie (that is CG). The attention to detail was very good, and all the motion capture that was done was applied in a realistic fashion. The sound was also and event unto itself.

How many movies have you watched with explosions that just don’t seem quite right? All of the sound nuances in this movie are astounding, but my favorite was one particular (and rather large) explosion that happens a medium distance away, but the shock wave from that explosion you can see coming and then (at least in IMAX) it actually hits you. My pant legs were moving from the amount of air moved by the sound.

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, even though it has been out for over a week. Go see it in IMAX 3D!

You just have to wonder (or just a rant)

You just have to wonder sometimes what some people are thinking when they do things. I mean really, do we really need a warning label on a lawnmower telling us not to put our hand under it when it is running? Or should I dry my hair while in the shower with a blowdryer?

Common sense has become very un-common. When someone does something stupid that can possibly endanger their life, is it societies duty to stop them? Why would I possibly bring this up? We have so many people spending vast amounts of money to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself, and other people making laws to ‘protect’ you from whom? Others? No yourself! Why would they bother? Some would say it is for the greater good, but if you look closer they are really looking for someone to rule over. Power and greed runs the world today.

Those in power want to keep it, those who don’t have it want it. The same could be said for money, they go hand in hand. When was the last time you saw a homeless person running for public office? Mabey if we had more of that things would be a little different (not really). The system of governments where man rules over man are flawed, man is imperfect and incapable of ruling with out harming others. This brings up a quandry. If man cannot rule man because of greed (and being imperfect), how have we gotten this far. Well in the grand scheme of things, we really haven’t gotten ‘that far’. For instance; we still get sick, we still die, we work at things we don’t enjoy, people still go hungry, people don’t have a place to live, and we are killing the planet we live on. We still use technologies created hundreds of years ago even though better technologies exist. So many things are not the way they should be.

Come back later and maybe I will explain this more.


Have you seen the Clear ads? Well, you might not have if they haven’t launched in you area. Some of the ads are good, others not so much but they all have a common theme; 4G mobile internet is really here.

I have the service and can honestly say that I am rather happy with what has been built. I have used the service in multiple markets and while it is not perfect (like any wireless service) it does what is says (for the most part). Yes, you can stream video. Yes, you can check email. Yes, you can share it with your friends (with a WiFi adapter). No it’s not perfect. There are only so many sites available in any particular market, and while Clearwire has an aggressive build out plan, for some that is not enough.  You will loose connectivity at some point in time, and for that people will try to complain.

Look at it from this point of view though; this is the first nation-wide WiMAX market build in the US. Will it have problems, of course. Look at the cell networks of not so long ago that dropped your call every few seconds, they were horrible but we wanted them anyway (and paid premium prices for it). So now this new system has hit the streets, and it’s time for the critics to come out to play.

The service is a good alternative for those whom have nothing else or need mobility. How I would love to take my cable connection with me everywhere I go, but that is not feasible. The alternative is Clear (pardon the pun). I have streamed movies from Netflix, worked remotely, and even checked my email. So I am happy with the service.

As a final note; The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author alone, and do not convey the views and/or opinions of the Clearwire Corporation, Clear, or any of it partners.