Harbor Freight Quick Hitch

Harbor Freight had their version of the 3 point Quick Hitch on sale again, so I stopped by to pick one up. They are relatively simple pieces of equipment and are suitable for tractors with up to a Cat 1 3 point system.


However they are not without their flaws. First of which, it the size of the top hook. These are cut from inch plate, but not to an acceptable tolerance, so some fgrinding and filing was in order. Second, the retaining bolts for the top hook interfere with connecting equipment that are Quick Hitch Ready. Fixing this was not much of an issue, only the time a a few materials were requied. i found some other solutions for this issue after a quick search, but choose my own solution.


I solved my problem by replacing the bolts with 7/16″ steel dowel pins and 5/16″-24 bolts. I took the top hook drilled and tapped 2 holes in the front of the hook for the retaining bolts. A little thread locking gel, and the top hook was in place with no interference with the implements. Now the third issue, how to mount the stabilizer bar.


A standard 7/8″ pin fit nicely, so I used it, a self locking nut, and a couple of washers to mount the stabilizer bar to the Quick Hitch.


New hydraulics for the 8N

After many years of service then hydraulics on the ’51 8N needed some help. When the lift arms are raised and the PTO is then disengaged, the arms drop slowly. Since using an auger that is PTO driven is made very difficult due to the inability of the lift arms to stay up without the PTO engaged, some thing would have to be done. Rebuilding the lift assembly and pump were in order. So with rebuild kits in hand, disassembly commenced. The lift cover is quite a heavy piece, so an engine hoist was used to lift the cover to protect the arm from being damaged. It was also discovered that water had been introduced to the oil, which had turned a nice milky color since the last service. Investigation showed that the gaskets were not seal properly by whomever last serviced the unit. Also, the gaskets that should have been between the cylider and the lift cover were missing causing some leakage. It was also noted that the pump was leaking from multiple locations, including the safety valve. There was a large layer of goop at the bottom of the pump/PTO space which took some time to clean out by hand. I could have used a vacuum, but it was so thick that it would have taken some time to clean with that method. The scoop by hand method worked out well, then a bit of mineral spirits and some shop towels did the trick.
While at the parts store getting another batch of gakset sealer, a varient designed for gear oil was selected as a test. The downside is that a setting period of 24 hours is required before introducing oil. We will see how well it seals. There was a lot of build-up of dirt and oil (dried) caked on the axel and transmission housing that has to be removed by scraping. Pressure washing removed only the surface of the cake. Hopefully the leaks have been taken care of with new gaskets, although the left side cover was not removed, so that could be a future fix.
Re-assembly was tight as the pump requires precise positioning to get it back into the housing, a little wiggling and a pry bar moved it into the correct position without any damage. The casting of the pump assembly is a work of art, given the time that it was created and cast in aluminum, so care was taken to not damage it during re-assembly. Getting the lift cover back into place was not as easy due to its weight and awkward shape. Additionally the arm can be damaged if you are not careful and it has to be engaged to the pump properly before the cover comes to rest on the housing. Once all is back into place and bolted, adjustments can be made to ensure proper operation. Come to find out that the quadrant was seriously out of alignment, so loosening the four bolts for the adjustment and some nudging with a deadblow hammer got things lined up and moving per the manuals specifications.



World’s First Autonomous Truck Goes Into Operation – NBC News.com

Source: World’s First Autonomous Truck Goes Into Operation – NBC News.com


I am all for technology that makes it safer to traverse the road, but as a CDL holder I feel for the other drivers who will have to find another lively hood once this technology takes hold. It is still early in the game and not fully autonomous as a driver is still required for some operations and for emergencies. Which means that the very driver that may fall asleep while driving may fall asleep while monitoring. I guess time will tell.

Why airlines love Big Data — and why you shouldn’t – Elliott

We all know about passengers’ data driving big dividends. But lately, the airlines have made it a primary focus. Perhaps you knew about the TSA, Google and Facebook collecting data, but did you know about the airlines or Disney? How much is too much? When can we regulate this and tell businesses what they can […]

Source: Why airlines love Big Data — and why you shouldn’t – Elliott


I have long talked about how data, including personal, is not being used the way people think. Companies pay big money for access to data, and even more for personal data. It is a big secret that they refuse to tell you about, and it is your data. There are times when this data can do some good, however in the world of greed it can do so much more harm.